Dominant Finance Executive Director

Date:2018-07-13 / Popularity: / MoreToken Wallet

The following is the CEO Thomas Eklundh to introduce the company's executive director
Let me today introduce you to my colleague, who plays a key role in the development of Dominant Finance. Soon, you can meet him face to face. But for now the whole team is doing a huge amount of work which is invisible to you. And has the purpose to meet and exceed your expectations to our business. And now, I hand over to the Executive Director of the company - Dmitry Garusov. Please meet...
Pleased to meet you, my friends. My name is Dmitry Garusov, and along with Thomas I'm a key person in Dominant Finance, whose work is fundamental for the successful development of our company. I was born and raised in a small village of Kamenka in Leningrad region, which is 100 kilometers away from the cultural capital of Russia – city of St. Petersburg. I am 36 years old, since 1998 I have been living in St. Petersburg, and after the work on the company began, I take frequent business trips to Moscow and European countries.
I was drawn into the internet business by the Great Cryptocurrency. When I first started to deal with it, cryptocurrency was not considered a trend, although even then the news about a certain programmer in the US buying a pizza for 10,000 bitcoins was already being promoted. Now we laugh at this story, but at the time, the vast majority of people on Earth hadn't even heard (or did not want to hear) the word "bitcoin", let alone "blockchain".
Many of you may ask: what do you need to create your own truly strong company, secured by a real business? Money? Team? Super skills? Years of work? I can say this: all of the above plus a lot more, but the most important thing is the idea, or rather the knowledge of how to implement it.
In Dominant Finance, I invest most of my time in working with the staff to help solving challenges of any kind. Seeing the company’s operation from the inside, I can always give an objective assessment of the overall situation, make the necessary conclusions, make the decisions that are most favorable for the company’s development, and contribute to determining the company’s future strategy and plans.

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