Recent planning and progress of CDF

Date:2018-12-16 / Popularity: / MoreToken Wallet

Recent planning and progress of CDF
1. The CDF Ecosphere will launch the Alliance Exchange Program, unite more forces to create a diversified exchange alliance. There are already many alliance partners, and the alliance partners will carry out in-depth cooperation in technology and commerce. 2. The CDF technical team will concentrate on the advancement and breakthrough of exchanges, public chains and main network technologies. MoreToken Global Operations and Promotions, CDF Eco-Buildings, etc., will work with the Foundation on all related issues, including promotions, which will be undertaken by the Foundation and open to and cooperate with the global community. The Foundation is currently under review. 3. MoreToken Global Node Office, the recruitment plan is about to start, there are office promotion, the number of effective users of the team, CDF ecological understanding, etc., will be used as assessment conditions, assessment passers, will be encouraged

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